2. Wedding - Cunco Chico, Chile

After our first wedding in the northern part of Chile - Ovalle, we headed down south to Temuco, just a couple hours of drive from Bariloche, where we needed to be the following week. We wanted to experience a smaller, local wedding in the countryside, so we asked around and also in a nearby church. There weren't any weddings around for a few next weeks, but a lady from one church was so kind and immediately started calling to other local churches, and asked around if they have any wedding planned for that weekend.

On the 4th or 5th call, we got lucky -  she found out there is going to be a wedding in Cunco Chico - a very small village not far away from there. Just perfect. :) She explained us how to get there and we immediately went to search for Cunco Chico, hoping they'll allow us to take pictures.

Mr and Mrs Lancanir were together for 14 years. They have 2 children - the day of their wedding, they have been baptized and also experienced their first holy communion. This was a completely different type of the wedding then the last time, and we hope you'll enjoy it as we did! :)


The chapel was build a few years ago by the local catholic community. It was very small, but as we say in Slovakia - "There's always room for more good people".

Woman in traditional Mapuche clothes and jewelry. I love the colors!

Woman in traditional Mapuche clothes and jewelry. I love the colors!


It's not very often that the bishop comes to the village, so there was not only a wedding, but also a baptism and first holy communion for all the locals. You can probably imagine, that the chapel was a little bit... crowded. :)



After the wedding, we have been invited for a wedding reception, which took place at their house, just a few kilometers from the chapel. It was small, intimate and we felt very welcomed - especially after we explained to a few guests, what are these two strangers doing there. :)  

The whole family, with the father of the bride.

The whole family, with the father of the bride.

Guys are just guys... having a break from the wedding. :)

After we saw the food, we could not help ourselves and we took a sneak peak to the kitchen. We wanted to see who's behind all the good food. We weren't alone. :)

Good night from Cunco Chico and this fairy tale looking house. :) Next week, another wedding destination: Canelones, Uruguay. Stay with us. :)