already SOLD on 30/3/2017, thank you

The basics:

  • Nissan Pathfinder 3.3l V6, AC, manual gearbox, year 2001
  • For sale around March 2017 in Chile. We’ll help you with RUT and all the paperwork.
  • 4WD with reduction gearbox, Ironman rear springs, good for exploring those back roads
  • Rooftop tent + also a bed to sleep inside the car
  • Fully equipped with cooking & camping gear, anti-smash windows tint and curtains
  • Chilean registration - all documents fully in our name and easy to transfer
  • About 215-220k km when selling, depending on the place (Colombia/Chile)
  • Gas consumption around 13l/100km
  • Price 7000USD or best offer

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We bought the car in October 2015 in a truly amazing condition, after having it checked by Martin from Santiago-R. He told us it was the nicest Pathfinder he's seen and that if we don't buy it, his mechanic will do it. :) So far, his advice was the best we could receive - we travelled for more than 40000km with it, without a single mechanical problem with the engine or suspension or things like that. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Even if something would have happened, you can find spare parts in almost all the countries as it’s a Nissan.
If you buy the car, it would come already prepped with all the things you need to travel, so you will save a lot of time - we spent 1 month in Santiago kitting it out and trying to find the equipment we wanted. I would've rather spent that month travelling :)

We wanted the seemingly impossible - the possibility to sleep inside the car if the weather conditions are not good (strong wind or freezing temperatures), the flexibility and comfort of the rooftop tent - but also to still keep the back seats there and to be able to fold the seats back.
Therefore, we set up the car with a nice folding sleeping platform with 140x190cm bed and mattress inside, but also bought a huge 140x220cm rooftop tent. This way, you can enjoy the comfort and space of the rooftop tent, but when you can't use it (windy patagonia, -17'C in Bolivian altiplano, gas station or city centre camping), you have still option to sleep in the car. And if the need arise, you can still fold the seats back and drive some more people (not without some complications, but we did travel 4 people through patagonia)


  • Spacious rooftop tent (1000$ when new) with 140x230cm bed sitting on nice new Thule metal roof bars (340$)
  • Bed structure in the car with additional 10cm thick foam mattress, pillows & blankets
  • Special anti-break window tinting (worth about 200$), so thieves could not break into the car easily
  • Curtains all around the car, so nobody can see inside when you park the car (or sleep inside)
  • Anti mosquito netting on back windows, so you can wind them down when you sleep and not worry about mosquitos
  • New radio with USB, AUX and Bluetooth - bluetooth is so comfortable to use
  • 220V power inverter to charge your laptop / things + separate USB charger for phone/iPad
  • 12V Compressor + flat tire repair kit
  • Two radio walkie-talkies, so you can talk when you drive with other overlanders
  • Two burner Coleman stove with 3kg refillable propane tank - lasts us about a few weeks and it's way more comfortable than the gasoline version (we had it too, it's a bit pain in the...)
  • Cooking set (pots, pans, cups, cutlery), three 7l water bottles...
  • Big coolbox
  • Plenty of plastic containers to store your clothes, medicine, food and other things
  • Two camping chairs
  • Big lockable box on the roof with some basic tools (a few spares, screwdrivers, WD40, saw)
  • 20L jerry can on the roof - a must have for Bolivia
  • All the necessary safety equipment for the SA countries (including crazy things like solid metal tow rod or sheet to cover the body you need in Argentina)

Maintenance of the car:

  • Regular oil and filter changes with full synthetic oil
  • New Ironman rear springs(December 2016,350$) - nothing wrong with original ones, but the car rides so much better when loaded
  • Replaced all the bushings in December 2016 - rides nice and quiet
  • Changed all the belts at 170k km (just to be sure)
  • New Panasonic battery (bought in September 2016)
  • Changed brake pads & straightened the discs, after driving back and forth the Andes (changed in August 2016)

Selling the car:
We drove it from Chile to Colombia, where we decided not to cross the darien gap with it (too expensive) and so we're going to return to Chile and sell it there, because we can do it there 100% legally.

We are quite flexible with the date and place, so anything around March is possible. We have experience with buying the car and many friends in Chile, so we can easily and quickly do the RUT and transfer the car for you.
Price is 7000USD or best offer. We spent more than 8500USD buying and kitting the car out, not counting any maintenance in, so I believe the price is reasonable, but we'll hear your offer out :)

If you have questions, want to know more & see more pictures, or are interested in the car, write me to ivan.bustor@gmail.com

Thank you :)

already SOLD on 30/3/2017, thank you